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History - 2002

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Consul – Steve Kontos

Senior Tribune - Eric Hermes

Junior Tribune – Kevin Degrood

Praetor – Kevin Kijewski

Quaestor – Chris Gazdag

Risk Manager – Ben Rexroat

Propraetor - Steve Bardelline

Pontifex – Ben Borowiak

Historian – Eric Hornik

Centurion – Joel Harris

Over the holiday break, brothers rang in the New Year together at Dan Judge’s party. Some brothers and their girlfriends traveled for 3 days to Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada, where they hit the slopes to ski.  Rush consisted of the usual events.  Four bids were handed out and all four accepted.  They crossed over as brothers on April 6, 2002 and went to dinner at Pizza Papolis.

Throughout the term brothers stayed active by helping out at campus events like the Homecoming Carnival and Casino Night.  We sponsored a campus-wide tailgate barbecue near Calihan before a basketball game and a faculty advisor dinner at Nikki’s in Greektown.  We continued to help at Selma’s Home, donating time and money.  Red Rose Formal this year was held at the Holiday Inn of Troy.  Dinner was excellent, and attendance was the highest ever.  Following dinner, Jamie Leckvarcik was named the new KDR sweetheart.

One of the biggest advancements of the year for the fraternity was the acquisition of our house!  Aaron McLean and his parents were generous enough to purchase a house at 16548 Fairfield.  They are allowing us to pay rent that goes toward the mortgage.  It is located across from the baseball fields and next door to the Sigma Pi’s.  The duplex has 2 kitchens and living rooms, 6 bedrooms, and a huge basement.

Greek Week was a memorable experience for the brothers.  Executive Director Ben Willis came for a visit to discuss issues with starting a house and was able to participate in the festivities.  Not only did we do well in many events, we won Air Band for the second year in a row!  This year’s show was a compilation of Saturday Night Live’s musical skits such as the Blues Brothers, Spartan Cheerleaders, Tenacious D, Jingleheimer Junction, and the Roxbury guys.  The week ended with KDR as the new GREEK WEEK CHAMPIONS, stealing the long-lived throne from Sigma Phi Epsilon!  That night, brothers, friends, and alumni celebrated by going to see Van Wilder at the movies on it’s opening night.

The weekend after school ended, brothers took their annual trip to Toronto while others moved into the house for the summer.  Throughout the summer, so much work went into the house to fix it up, making it the nicest on the block, and preparing the basement for parties in the fall.  We even bought a pool table.  In July, all the parents were invited to the first annual Family Barbecue and the brothers were eager to show off the new house.  They continued to fundraise at car washes, and they worked a weekend at the Michigan International Speedway selling concessions.

The William’s Leadership Academy and National Convention was held in Washington D.C. over the summer.  Alpha Gamma was representing with extra delegates.  We came home with 7 chapter awards and Marc Miles took Pledge of the Year (Alpha Gamma’s second year in a row).  Kevin Clinton also won 2 scholarships from the foundation.

Dr. Harold Osborn Award – Intramural Sports (2nd)
Donald C. Wolfe Award – Chapter Newsletter
Gino A. Ratti Award – Alumni Relations (2nd)
National Staff Award – Risk Management
John L. Blakely Award – Philanthropic Projects
George E. Kimball Award – Social Service (3rd)
William I. Myers Award – Chapter Scholarship

The second annual Alumni Banquet was held at Pasquale’s in Royal Oak.  There, Eric McGrath presented awards to the first 8 members of the Alpha class of The Order: Blue and Orange, a recognition program for brothers going above and beyond their call of duty in the fraternity and across the campus.  This was also the summer of the first Excursion 2.0.

The 2002-2003 school year got off to a great start with Mike Natale coming to visit.  He painted letters on the basement wall in time for the first party at the house.  For some reason, this was the year for many freshmen to go Greek.  KDR handed out 16 bids to a group of excellent men and 13 crossed over as brothers in the fall. 

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