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History - 1999

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Consul - Jerry Gamalski

Senior Tribune - Eric McGrath

Junior Tribune - Steve Singson

Praetor - Brad Brzuchalski

Quaestor - Chris Arendoski

Risk Manager - Joe Schwartz

Propraetor / Pontifex- Mike Trewyn

Pontifex - Steve Gamalski

Centurion - Dan Judge

Historian - Matt Vincent 


Going into 1999 with high expectations, especially after just becoming a provisional chapter, Kappa Delta Rho suffered the disappointment of getting no new members during winter rush.  KDR was forced to take a step back and look at their recruitment tactics. They then began revamping their recruiting efforts for the following year.  A lighter note was the sweetheart elections for the New Year in which Pamela Azzam became the 1999 KDR sweetheart.

UDM Provisional went to their first KDR Regional Conclave in February 1999. Chuck, Rob, and Brad attended the conclave, which was held at Franklin College in Indiana.  While there, the brothers from UDM received further motivation from Chris Miller to recruit new members and had an opportunity to talk with KDR brothers from around the Midwest. Then in March, Kappa Delta Rho once again worked the PBS telethon, this time as a service project instead of a rush event.  Working the telethon was a very fulfilling experience for many brothers, especially with the KDR presence being broadcast on TV.

On April 1, 1999, UDM Provisional held their First Annual Kappa Delta Rho Red Rose Formal Dance at the Georgian Inn in Roseville.  In mid-April, KDR began a long-term fundraising program at Tiger Stadium starting with the final home opener to ever be played at “the Corner.” Later in April, the chapter voted to change the term of each office to last one calendar year as opposed to one school year.  The result of this change in terms of office meant that the next elected offers only held their position for one term in order to convert to the new system.

During the last meeting of the 98/99 school year, Frank Hattula, founder and first advisor of Kappa Delta Rho at UDM, announced he was leaving the University of Detroit Mercy.  Frank had decided to move back to his hometown, Chicago, for better professional opportunities.  Frank felt confident in leaving, knowing he had helped set a good foundation for a chapter that had quality gentlemen in it.
As the summer of 1999 began, Jessie Hart, Dan Palazzolo, and Eric Steiner graduated from UDM.  In May, the brothers of KDR once again cleaned Dr. Pankratz’s boat as a fundraiser.  Later that summer, in July, Kappa Delta Rho ventured out on the Second Annual KDR Camping Excursion at the Pinery in Ontario, Canada.  Then in August, Jerry, McGrath, Evans, and Joe went to the 1999 KDR National Convention in Chicago.  During the Ordo Honoris banquet, UDM Provisional received two awards: the Leo T. Wolford Award for Outstanding Campus Involvement and third place for the George E. Kimball Award for Outstanding Community Service.

Also during the summer of 1999, KDR continued working the concession stands during the final baseball season played at Tiger Stadium.  Organized by Eric McGrath, Kappa Delta Rho worked eleven games total, including not only the home opener in April, but also the final game ever played at the historic Detroit landmark.  During the process, KDR earned almost $10,000 for the organization, which doubled the original goal of $5000 to pay the national chartering fee.

At the start of the 1999/2000 school year, Chris Miller visited UDM to do some goal setting and put UDM Provisional on the final path toward becoming a chartered chapter of Kappa Delta Rho.  With Frank gone, UDM Provisional had to find a new alumni advisor and faculty moderator.  A vote was held and Chuck Pankratz II became the new alumni advisor and Rebekah Langrill became the new faculty moderator. During the fall of 1999, Eric McGrath led KDR’s recruiting effort during fall rush.  By the end of rushing, Kappa Delta Rho had gained 15 pledges, the most gained by any Greek organization on campus for the fall of 1999.  Soon after rush ended, Jon Lay, Programming Coordinator for the KDR national office, visited UDM to meet the brothers and to see how rush went.

Due to remodeling in the Colleague Lounge in October, KDR had to move their general business meeting location to the second floor of the Engineering Building.  In November, Kappa Delta Rho held a “$5 Prom” with the sisterhood of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  The dance had a 70’s and 80’s theme in which the attendees were not supposed to spend more than $5.00 on their outfits.  Then on November 20, 1999, UDM Provisional held their first Pledge Ceremony on their own with a completed pledge class consisting of 15 members.

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