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Consul - Brad Brzuchalski

Senior Tribune - Eric Hermes

Junior Tribune - Steve Kontos

Praetor - Jeff Fitzgerald

Quaestor - Aaron McLean

Risk Manager - Kevin Clinton

Propraetor - Steve Bardelline

Pontifex - Steve Gamalski

Historian - Javier Rodriguez

Centurion – Andrew Ulstad 

Rush started on Jan 10th with 11 rushes at BW3’s and a huge number of brothers and rushes came to the private screening of “The Gift”, starring Katie Holmes.  Additional rush events of card night, a road rally, Meet the Elders, and Cigar Night also brought out many prospective pledges.  The next weekend, the chapter held a dinner for the rushes that seemed extremely interested in joining KDR.  The next Monday, the chapter handed out 9 new bids and a total of 14 bids.  An astounding 10 bids were accepted thanks to a strong winter rush. We initiated 8 pledges on Feb. 10th. 

Nine brothers attended Regional conclaves at Purdue where we gained feedback and ideas from other chapters.  We had four meetings with Monica Leonard where we discussed issues that people were concerned about.  It was after this that it was decided that KDR would be the group chosen for a pilot program for Greek housing where we would get our own floor in a dorm.  On the weekend of March 16- 18th, Pete Tartaro came down from nationals to meet with the chapter.  He gave us some ideas and had fun with us on St. Patrick’s Day.  The next week we also participated in one of our favorite service projects by answering the phones for the PBS telethon.  We ended the last week of March with working a double-header at the Palace with the proceeds going towards a new digital camera.  Also that week, we crossed over 7 pledges (Ben Borowiak was crossed over at a different date).

The school year ended on a busy note as the Chapter visited Tau Kappa Epsilon for the weekend at Albion College for an information exchange and some R&R.  Also we participated in the yearly Greek Week competition where we earned second place and also won the air band competition.  We also had great attendance to indoor paintball and Rose Formal 2001.

The summer continued to bring KDR together as several brothers went on a road trip to Toronto for some good old fun.  Also, to raise money for rush, we held four car washes throughout the summer.  One of these was done with a group of cheerleaders from Lakeview High School.  The William’s Leadership Academy was a great way for the Alpha Gamma chapter to stand tall, when it returned from the National Convention with an impressive 11 awards. They include the following:

Leo T. Wolford Award - Campus Involvement
William I. Myers Award – Chapter Scholarship
John l. Blakely Award – Philanthropic Projects
George E. Kimball Award - Social Service (2nd)
E. Mayer Maloney Award – Outstanding Faculty Relations
George E. Shaw - Public Relations
National Staff Award - Risk Management
Donald C. Wolf Award - Outstanding Chapter Newsletter
Winner of KDR Kids Logo Design Contest (Thanks to Ben Rexroat!)
Grand Consul’s Award – Chapter of the Year
Outstanding Pledge of the Year - Kenny Hemler

Following the excitement from National Convention was the First Annual Alumni Banquet.  Steve Bardelline, Eric Hornik, and Kenny Hemler organized the event at Juliano’s Restaurant in Warren, MI.  Invitations were sent out to all alumni, brothers, sweethearts, and advisors.  Frank Hattula even traveled in from Chicago to help end the summer perfectly.

The brothers came back for the start of the 2001-2002 school year with a full schedule for fall rush.  We had many rush events packed into the short period of time and we also introduced an interactive rush to help prospective pledges see what happened at each rush event in case they could not attend.  On September 11th, the movie night that was planned was cancelled due to the terrorist attack on New York City.  Instead, KDR painted the rock with the American flag and a message for all those that lost loved ones.  After rush ended, we handed out bids and had 6 rushes accept.  Four pledges crossed over on December 1st.

KDR was also involved in many activities during the fall semester.  We had several brothers attend semi-formal at Mac and Ray’s and a party co-hosted with the Sigma Pi’s.  We also had a trip to Chatham before finals to relax and have fun.  Besides social activities, several of the brothers also participated for the second straight year in the cancer walk hosted by the American Cancer Society.  We also helped out with Safety Street and worked at Selma’s Home throughout the year.  To raise funds for our chapter, we started working at a Cracker factory in Toledo as well as working at the Silverdome in Pontiac. At the beginning of November, the brothers sponsored with Sigma Sigma Sigma the annual Flashback Dance (formerly called $5 Prom) which once again was a hit and lots of fun.

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